Grill vs. Grille. A Common English Error

Have you ever wondered why when you look at some of our bar listings, that some of the places will call themselves a Bar & Grill and some will call themselves a Bar & Grille?  In fact, the correct spelling in this instance is “grill”.  Where “grill” means a grill that you cook on, or a barbecue, a “grille” refers to the grille that you’d find on the front of a car.

Both words originated from the French word from Latin craticula, meaning small grill, but the different spelling eventually developed for different meanings.   Much like “they’re” and “their” and “there”, it is a common mistake in the English language.   So the next time you see an establishment that says “Bar & Grille” on the sign, think back on this article and chuckle just a little bit….but not too loudly, you might get kicked out.